Supplier’s Code of Conduct

Rosetta Getty LLC conducts business in accordance with ethical and moral guidelines outlined by its management, to ensure working relationships based on fairness and transparency at all levels. The company expects its suppliers to respect and uphold these principles in relation to the management of their own workplaces.

The guidelines as outlined in this document, which express Rosetta Getty LLC’s values, require strict supplier compliance at all levels and at all times.

Any breach or violation of this code and/or local or international standard by our suppliers can potentially cause a re-evaluation by Rosetta Getty LLC of the business relationship.

It is our strict understanding that suppliers respect all local and international laws, in addition to the Conventions of the International Labor Organization, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the guiding principles of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as well as the principles of the Global Compact.

Employment Requirements and Responsibilities

The suppliers shall abide by the codes of conduct described in the International ethical standard SA 8000. In turn, suppliers must also comply with all local laws & regulations as applied to the terms of work in their own countries.

Forced Labor: The use of labor with no work permit or the use of labor in another
social and occupational group in another geographical zone than the one mentioned on the work permit is strictly prohibited. The use of forced labor by our suppliers, whether obtained under the threat of punishment, withholding identity papers, requiring workers to deposit a bond or any other constraint is strictly prohibited.

Additionally, suppliers may not require employees to work to repay a debt owed to
them or a third party. All workers are entitled to accept or leave their employment
freely. Child Labor: Work by children under the age of 16 is strictly prohibited in any factory setting. In countries where local laws set a higher age for child labor or impose mandatory education beyond the age of 16, this higher age will apply. Any work which is likely to jeopardize children’s physical, mental or moral health should not be done by anyone under the age of 18.

Harassment & Abuse: We expect our suppliers to treat their employees with respect and dignity. Our suppliers may not allow or engage in any kind of corporal
punishment, psychological or physical harassment or any other kind of abuse.

Discrimination: Our suppliers may not practice any kind of discrimination in relation to the hiring, availability of training, promotion or dismissal based on gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinions, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Wages and Benefits: As a minimum, our suppliers shall pay regular wages and pay for overtime at the legal rate imposed by the country of original manufacture and provide their workers with the benefits the law currently requires. Deductions from wages are not to be made for disciplinary purposes. We also require our suppliers to guarantee that all workers receive benefits stipulated in any applicable collective bargaining agreements, company agreements and other applicable negotiated individual or collective agreements.

Health and Safety: Based on the specific risks present in their industrial sector, our suppliers shall provide a safe and healthy workplace to avoid accidents or bodily injuries which may be caused by, associated with, or result from the work or handling the equipment. The supplier shall set up systems to detect, avoid or neutralize any threat to their worker’s health and safety and comply with local and international regulations. Trainings should also be in place in order to detect, avoid and mitigate possible hazards that constitute a risk to the health, hygiene, and safety of staff.

Environmental Requirements and Responsibilities

Rosetta Getty LLC expects our suppliers to share our commitment to a clean and safe environment. We encourage initiatives to reduce the impact on the environment, particularly through the use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Our suppliers shall agree to respect local and international environmental regulations and standards. Our suppliers must be able to prove the effective implementation of the following requirements:
• Proper waste management, with special attention to hazardous waste and
emissions which may not be dumped or discharged in an unlawful manner.
• Employees whose work has a direct impact on the environment shall be
trained, competent and have the necessary resources to do their jobs.
• Measures to preserve biodiversity and guarantee regulatory traceability and
compliance for raw materials and substances used.
• Contributions to continuous improvements in environmental performance
throughout the lifecycle of the products of the Company.

Product Compliance

Compliance with International Standards: Our suppliers shall comply with the
international standards concerning chemistry and physics, and in general products and packaging requirements, aiming to protect human health, environment and consumer safety, such as REACH, Prop 65 GB, etc.

Traceability: Any supplier providing us with raw materials shall promote and
implement the traceability of the raw materials provided, both in its own and in its’
subcontractor’s supply chains.