Mad Et Len Green Flat Petite Potpourri Totem

Nature informs much of what Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut create for their niche fragrance house, Mad Et Len. Using the essential oils of undiluted flowers, woods, and spices, the duo has conjured up an evocative collection of small-batch perfumes, candles, and “potpourri” totems that are individually handcrafted in Saint Julien de Verdun, a bucolic mountain village in the French Alps.

Housed in a handmade blackened iron totem, this Mad Et Len potpourri totem contains emerald brut and green aventurine crystals, that act potpourri when scented with the brand’s signature Spirituelle perfume oil – which is included with the purchase of this item. 

Fragrance notes: Spirituelle emits warm, woodsy notes of mint, orange blossom, and wormwood. 

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